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dConstruct 2007

Designing the User Experience

Sold out
7th September at Brighton Dome


All the sessions at dConstruct 2007 have been recorded and are being delivered via the magic of podcasting.

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Tom Coates 52:49 / 12 December 2007
Designing for a Web of Data.
Matt Webb 47:36 / 30 November 2007
The Experience Stack.
George Oates & Denise Wilton 41:58 / 23 November 2007
Human Traffic.
Cameron Moll 42:52 / 16 November 2007
Good vs. Great Design.
Leisa Reichelt 44:32 / 29 October 2007
Waterfall Bad, Washing Machine Good.
Peter Merholz 47:46 / 16 October 2007
Experience Strategies.
Jared Spool 57:36 / 11 October 2007
The Dawning of the Age of Experience.
The Return 12:24 / 8 August 2007
After an unintended hiatus, the podcast returns with a look at all the stuff going on around dConstruct 2007.
Last.fm 12:39 / 4 July 2007
A late-night chat with Matthew Ogle and Hannah Donovan from Last.fm.
Retrospective 19:14 / 25 June 2007
dConstruct is back. Before taking a look ahead to this year's event, let's have a listen back to last year's conference and hear how it sets the stage for dConstruct 2007.

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